Corporate Floors
Location SGAS 903, Lote 80, Asa Sul, Brasília – DF.
Status In progress

The Project

The most modern and sustainable Triple A in Asa Sul

 The Lotus 903 is a Triple A complex designed by the Brasília-based architecture firm Crosara Arquitetura. The building has more than 17,000 m² of constructed area on a 9,977.00 m² plot, meeting the requirements for LEED Gold and Procel level 'A' sustainability certifications.


 Location is one of Lotus 903's strengths, situated at the beginning of Asa Sul in a central and upscale region with low population density, ensuring easy access. Additionally, its proximity to the park provides an excellent quality of life for users.


Public Transportation

Bus Stop = 549 meters;

Metro Station = 1,200 meters;

Central Bus Station = 1,700 meters;

Airport = 9.7 km;


Leisure and Services

Due to its privileged location in the central region of Brasília, Lotus 903 is close to a variety of leisure and service options that make life more convenient for building users.

The development is near places such as the Autodrome, Mané Garrincha Stadium, Convention Center, Market, Hotel Sector, Shopping Mall, Amusement Park, School, Hospital, Ecological Park, University, Event Center, Supermarket, Gym, and Historical Institute.



Lotus 903 is strategically located alongside the avenue that surrounds Sarah Kubitschek City Park, as well as the sidewalks designated for physical activities in the park. The region receives daily traffic from around 45,000 vehicles and more than 5,000 pedestrians. On Saturdays, the number of people reaches 15,000 per day, and on Sundays, it reaches 20,000.

Fonte: Source: City Park Administration"



Lotus 903 is a development that meets all the requirements for LEED Gold certification and the PBE Edifica Label (Procel seal) level 'A.' These certifications aim at the design and construction of sustainable buildings with high energy performance. The LEED Certification provides guidelines for the entire life cycle of the project, from conception to user quality and well-being.

In comparison to a building similar to Lotus 903, our project demonstrates performance improvements that increase its value. For example:


  • Approximately 50% reduction in internal water consumption due to the use of efficient fixtures and fittings, as well as a graywater and rainwater reuse system;


  • Around 30% reduction in external water consumption thanks to the use of native and adapted plant species in landscaping, a low-consumption irrigation system, and the use of reused water;


  • The entire air conditioning and mechanical ventilation systems comply with Brazilian and American standards to provide better air quality and comfort for office users;


  • The roof has a thermal insulation layer and reflective paint for the better comfort of users on the second floor, assisting in reducing the environmental impact produced by heat islands, as well as reducing the energy consumption of the air conditioning system;


  • The development has a photovoltaic system that provides approximately 5% energy generation. Through simulation, Lotus 903, when completed, will achieve a minimum of 10% energy consumption savings;


  • A life cycle analysis study was conducted, addressing impact categories such as global warming potential (greenhouse gases), ozone layer depletion, etc. Through practices such as concrete recycling and the use of recycled steel content, the development achieved a reduction of about 5% in environmental impacts.


Central element between the towers with metallic cladding;

Building with 2 towers, 2 typical floors, and 1 duplex floor with 10,101.10m² of leasable private area;

Corporate floors starting from 890.00m²;

Free ceiling height of 2.60m in private offices;

Capacity to accommodate more than 500 workstations;

Bike rack with capacity for 67 bicycles;

07 elevators;

Over 800 parking spaces, with 199 in the private car parking for automobiles and 14 for motorcycles (2 underground levels), 101 spaces in the public parking, and over 600 spaces in the parking area in front of the City Park;

197 covered garage spaces with two basement levels;

Garage floor with epoxy paint coating and preparation for the installation of outlets for electric vehicles;

Landscaping delivery with native vegetation throughout the perimeter of the development."

Construction Stage

Start of Construction
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