The company is the first in the federal capital 100% committed to good practices, not only related to safety, but also Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance.
“There is no such thing as throwing waste away when it comes to planet earth. In the construction of any project, whether residential or commercial, we follow production chain protocols to make the work organized and sustainable.”
Waste produced in construction works is not only disposed of in an environmentally correct manner, but is also re-signified, that is, through selective collection and recycling, these wastes become raw materials. The wood scraps used to support a work are reused for the production of furniture, decorative objects, handicrafts and even fuel.
With the intention of achieving quality of life at work, we have established policies and initiatives on labor relations, compensation, benefits, development, health, well-being and safety. We implement Internship and Young Apprentice Programs to encourage and create development opportunities for young people at the beginning of their careers.
We work in qualification and training, aiming at the development of human capital and training of our team. Together with our suppliers, we seek to establish partnership relationships, with supply chain selection and development processes.
Lotus understands that education and culture serve as a basis for the good development of society, with participation in awareness-raising initiatives about the environment, culture and sport.
It is also an assumption, the good relationship with society. We seek to reduce the impact of the works on the surroundings, proposing compensation.
Respect for the environment and the law, care for people and transparency, make Lotus move forward with the certainty of being on the right path.
The sustainability and ESG standards adopted by the company are some of the reasons that made the World Bank choose a Lotus venture for its first own headquarters in Brazil.