We were born with the purpose of contributing to cities

Lotus stands out by integrating the development, construction and commercialization management pillars, which maximize the value of the return on investments.

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Apartments de 39m² a 128m²
Location SQN 402, Bloco M, Asa Norte – DF

Corporate slabs for lease
Location SGAS 903, Lote 80, Asa Sul, Brasília – DF

Apartments from 142m²  a 331m² 
Location: SQS 212, Block I, Brasilia – DF

Apartments from 66m² to 165m²
Location SQNW 306, Block E, Noroeste – DF

Apartments from 272m² to 486m²
Location SQNW 106, Bloco F, Noroeste – DF

Apartments from 154m² to 316m²
Location SQNW 310, Block D, Noroeste – DF

Apartments from 153m² to 353m²
Location SQNW 311, Bloco G, Noroeste – DF

Apartments from 303m² to 489m²
Location SQNW 111, Block F, Noroeste-DF

Corporate slabs for lease
Location SCES 03, Lote 05, Pólo 8, Brasília – DF

Corporate slabs for lease
Location SHIS QL 8, Conjunto 1, Lago Sul, Brasília – DF.

Lotus has been conquering its space as one of the most innovative construction companies, generating trends and changing the market, and its differential is the delivery of residential and commercial buildings with authorial architecture, constructive quality, technology and sustainability.


Siblings from the Federal District want to build one of the largest corporate buildings in Brazil.
The Lotus construction company aims to become a reference in the corporate real estate market in Brasília.
The European Union rents Lotus building in Brasília for 20 years.
The building holds a high-standard sustainability certification.
Under 30: young people from Brasilia are part of the prestigious Forbes list
Luiz Felipe Hernandez, Ruy Hernandez and Gabriel Granjeiro entered for the list of the most successful young people in the country

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